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Noah chats with Aaron Francis. Aaron has been working on his own biz Hammerstone on the side of working at Tuple and now PlanetScale. They chat about Aaron's journey educating others and jumping between entrepreneur and full time. Aaron has some hard questions for Noah about how he is able to pull off working on Potion full time financially.
Noah chats with nick Frost, who is now tied for the most guest showings on the pod ;) They talk about Nick's new job working on Solana docs. Noah also shares how he has played around with the idea of creating more content and thoughts on that.
Noah does a solo episode. Shares his progress on the Potion dashboard and then tells a story were he had a little scare this last week. Hope you enjoy it!
Ben is back for an episode to catch us up on what he has been up to. He shares his new project, Setup, and Noah and Ben have fun chatting about the dev onboarding problem space.
Noah chats with Ryan Doyle the founder of Magic Sales Bot. Ryan shares his up and down journey of building Magic Sales Bot with multiple pivots. What's really cool is Ryan knows what he wants to do and is sticking with it through the rollercoaster of making a biz while digital nomading and living in Mexico. Hope you enjoy it!
Noah shares how he has been feeling about Potion over the last 6 months and where he is at now. He then shares the game plan to get Potion back on the right track. Also a fun story about how Noah almost sold Potion.
Noah chats with Julien, the solo founder of Notion Forms. They have a great chat discussing Julien's journey and how he got to where he is today with Notion Forms.
Noah chats with Marc on the pod. Marc has been building his own businesses since 2011 and indiehacking on a couple businesses such as Power Importer. Noah and Marc talk about his building experience as well as his new goal to build a business in 2 months that reaches $2kMRR. Hope you enjoy it!
Today Noah chats with Luke Cannon about his journey going it alone in the investing and NFT world. Luke quit his job at App Sumo to trade NFTs and create a living from entrepreneurship. Noah asks Luke about his journey and how things are going. They talk about the Bear market and some ideas that Luke might move towards next.