Product Journey started out as a pod between Ben Mann and Noah Bragg 3 years ago in 2020. They both started their entrepreneur journey at the same time trying to build a SaaS.
They built multiple products with some good success since then and shared their story the whole time on the pod. They talked about decisions they were making that week as well as the progress that was made.
Ben has moved away from being a co-host of the pod as he had other priorities that he needed to spend his time on but he is still a frequent guest. Noah is continuing on to share the journey as he builds Potion.
Potion is website builder built on top of Notion. Noah has built it up to ~$5k MRR and is now full time on it. Currently he is on a goal to reach $10k MRR by March 2023.
From time to time there are other guests on the pod who have experience building boostrapped businesses or are in the mist of building one. Hope you enjoy the pod!