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Every week we get together and talk about building our online businesses, what's been going on and what we're struggling with at the moment. Join us on our journey and listen as we build, work through failure, and hopefully succeed in creating a profitable business.eas

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In this episode Noah talks with Rox. Rox has been building multiple indie businesses in the creator space while streaming the whole thing on Twitch! They talk through what its like to stream, Twitch drama, as well as Rox's businesses.
Noah chats with Aaron Francis. Aaron has been working on his own biz Hammerstone on the side of working at Tuple and now PlanetScale. They chat about Aaron's journey educating others and jumping between entrepreneur and full time. Aaron has some hard questions for Noah about how he is able to pull off working on Potion full time financially.
Noah chats with nick Frost, who is now tied for the most guest showings on the pod ;) They talk about Nick's new job working on Solana docs. Noah also shares how he has played around with the idea of creating more content and thoughts on that.
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Noah Bragg

Building: Potion
Twitter: @noahwbragg
Website: noahbragg.com

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